You don't need to be a genius to understand a popidiot shirt. There's nothing to get.

It's all right there on the front between your neck and your belly button.

Life is complicated enough. That's why we stick with the simple pleasures: robots, monkeys, spacemen and hula girls.

We've removed all the attitude and pretense to leave you with nothing but pure, unadulterated silly. T-shirts aren't rocket science. They aren't quantum physics. Heck, they're not even basic algebra.

But they matter to us. And they matter to you.

We know that you can put a lot of things on your body. But we believe that once you poke your head out our neck hole and slide your arms through our sleeves, you'll feel the difference.

At popidiot, we believe it's our mission to do more than simply hide your naked body from public scrutiny. Our t-shirts provide a protective layer between you and the world. popidiot shirts won't stop germs, bullets or hot coffee. But they will repel bad vibes, negative emotions and persistent telemarketers.

Okay maybe that last part is just wishful thinking, but it's worth a try.

After all, we've priced our shirts so you won't have to sell your soul (or a kidney) to afford one. They're cheap enough to buy by the bunch. Wear a different one every day of the week or spread the love by hooking up your friends and family.

Either way, we encourage you to loosen that stiff upper lip, let down your hair and put a little pop into your wardrobe.

You could look like everyone else, but wouldn't you really rather be an Idiot?

popidiot. It's a ridiculous world. Dress appropriatley